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Hello Old World

June 6, 2010

Thanks to Zachary Chavez for setting up the Comic Strip Library online, I came across these gems from Winsor McCay – an American cartoonist and animator whose works are featured below: Little Nemo in Slumberland.

Some fantastic storytelling, awesome psychedelic artwork – so cool!!


Hello beautiful Brandy!

February 25, 2009

There are a few comics i’ve really enjoyed. Most of them are violent, funny, superheroic…but none of them are romantic. Well there is the one comicbook which is funny and romantic and truly awesome!

Liberty Meadows is an animal shelter. Frank Cho owns it and woah! It’s one of the finest comic book / strips I’ve read. Agreed, Frank Cho is one of the masters of his time. Also agreed, that Brandy is by far the most beautiful comic character I’ve come across. Agreed, Dean is a male chauvanist and a pig. Also agreed, Liberty Meadows is one of the finest reads in comic books. I don’t own a copy yet.

When I will, I’ll head to a comic con and I’ll get it signed. Yes I will. And I’m hoping it will be Brandy who does the signing. 😀

And maybe Mr. Cho will be there too and he’ll also sign it. 🙂frank_cho_liberty_meadows

(This post is just an excuse to put up some of the exquisite art of Mr. Frank Cho!! )

Brandy 01




Brandy 02


Frank Cho

Liberty Meadows is published by Image Comics and comes in four books: 

Liberty Meadows Book 1: Eden 

Liberty Meadows Book 2: Creature Comforts

Liberty Meadows Book 3: Summer of Love

Liberty Meadows Book 4: Cold, Cold Heart

Thank you Mr. Cho!

– a big fan 🙂

Hello Tiger and Strawberries!

May 28, 2008

It all comes back to him.

It begins in London though. It begins with a Zen Gunman whose act of contemplation is pulling the trigger. It also has him chasing a baddie through the colour filled world of India…umm…London, yes!

Right, so zen gunman chasing the baddie who has stolen a big willy (purple soldier of love, tool, rod etc…) that plays music – The Ride of the Valkyries, to be precise! And umm… then zen gunman stealing it back from him by putting a couple of bullets in his knees (note: knees, cuz he’s a Zen Gunman). On this wild chase he is accompanied by Rosi Blades – the most clicked cam girl in London. An odd pair to say the least!

From here this three part comic book called Two Step – goes…bollocks! 😀

A fair on the frozen Thames, a mob whose big weapon is a giant who has a fetish for buggering cars (that’s right, cars as in automobiles and buggering as in sodomising), and a scooter ride into the sunset.

Fly Gunman Fly

Yep it all comes back to the man – Warren Ellis.

evil ka - neeval

Two Step, a three part comicbook (haw haw!) – by Warren Ellis, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Another “Out There, Colourful-as-hell and Funny” story from the baap!

riders on the scooter

Hello Bastiches!!

May 25, 2008


This comic book is pure wickedness. I mean the guys who came up with this one – what the heck were they thinking?

Whatever it was … its starts as a bar room brawl between the Main man – Lobo (he’s the last living person of his species, can replicate himself from a single drop of blood and is as violent as the universe can get if left unchecked…he blew up his whole friggin’ planet singlehandedly for ****sake!) and Tommy the Hitman.

A human against Lobo – that’s just unfair…or is it?!

that stupid bastich


The main man gets his eyes shot out. Proceeds to frag an entire mob…he then gets beaten by a baton…swallows some phlegm (ewww)…and gets married 😀


Wriiten by Garth Ennis, Art by Doug Mahnke and presented to you in comic book format by DC Comics.

Life is good!