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Hello Bastiches!!

May 25, 2008


This comic book is pure wickedness. I mean the guys who came up with this one – what the heck were they thinking?

Whatever it was … its starts as a bar room brawl between the Main man – Lobo (he’s the last living person of his species, can replicate himself from a single drop of blood and is as violent as the universe can get if left unchecked…he blew up his whole friggin’ planet singlehandedly for ****sake!) and Tommy the Hitman.

A human against Lobo – that’s just unfair…or is it?!

that stupid bastich


The main man gets his eyes shot out. Proceeds to frag an entire mob…he then gets beaten by a baton…swallows some phlegm (ewww)…and gets married 😀


Wriiten by Garth Ennis, Art by Doug Mahnke and presented to you in comic book format by DC Comics.

Life is good!