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Hello City People!

May 13, 2008

What happens when a genius decides to chart down your everyday life…all the humdrm bits and turn it into a comicbook? The answer is easy. Pure Magic!

That’s what happens when Will Eisner puts his brain and inks to work. Whether its Aamchi Mumbai or New York, New York…Eisner has the keen eye, the inquisitive mind, the superlative hand and the guts to make a comic book that reflects the realities of everyday living!

Here is a man who has one of the most prestigious awards of the comic book industry – the Eisner Awards, named after him. Here is the man who inspired the likes of Warren Ellis and me. 🙂

And that’s just one little aspect of the giant of a man!

Ladies and gents, I humbly present to you the genius of Will Eisner.

The Big City Life

The Big City Life

The Big City Rush

Going Somewhere?

The Big City Streets

Empty Streets

Angry Streets

The Big City Smells


Uptown Smells

Downtown Smells

City People Notebook is conceived, drawn and written by Will Eisner and is published by DC Comics.