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Hello Tiger and Strawberries!

May 28, 2008

It all comes back to him.

It begins in London though. It begins with a Zen Gunman whose act of contemplation is pulling the trigger. It also has him chasing a baddie through the colour filled world of India…umm…London, yes!

Right, so zen gunman chasing the baddie who has stolen a big willy (purple soldier of love, tool, rod etc…) that plays music – The Ride of the Valkyries, to be precise! And umm… then zen gunman stealing it back from him by putting a couple of bullets in his knees (note: knees, cuz he’s a Zen Gunman). On this wild chase he is accompanied by Rosi Blades – the most clicked cam girl in London. An odd pair to say the least!

From here this three part comic book called Two Step – goes…bollocks! 😀

A fair on the frozen Thames, a mob whose big weapon is a giant who has a fetish for buggering cars (that’s right, cars as in automobiles and buggering as in sodomising), and a scooter ride into the sunset.

Fly Gunman Fly

Yep it all comes back to the man – Warren Ellis.

evil ka - neeval

Two Step, a three part comicbook (haw haw!) – by Warren Ellis, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Another “Out There, Colourful-as-hell and Funny” story from the baap!

riders on the scooter