Here’s a violent tale of a dynasty of mercenaries – The Metabarons.

Alejandro Jodorowsky teams up with Juan Giminez to bring alive a tale of warriors forged by tragedy, technology and pain!

The Metabarons are based on a supporting character (the current Metabaron) created by Moebius for his comicbook the Black Incal. The Metabarons features panels of awesome space age art work coupled with a sci-fi saga spanning five generations of the Metabarons across seventeen issues – and available from Humanoid Publishing.

A tale of intrigue, passion, destructive behavior, violence, technology and love. A comicbook definitely worth owning!

Issue 1 Cover


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  1. hello sexy, beautiful world « Comicbookfandom Says:

    […] incredibly talented artist turned to comic book art after seeing the art of Moebius and Enki Bilkal. His art is of dark, sensual women – drawn and painted with the clarity and vision […]

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